When I import a PDF document it appears empty

If you attempt to import a PDF document and find that some, or all, of the text in it has not been extracted, check the following things:

  • Make sure that Déjà Vu is using the filter Adobe PDF to import the document. You can check what filter is being used and change it if necessary by viewing the filter properties for the file. If the appropriate filter is not being used, Déjà Vu will not be able to import the PDF document correctly.
  • Make sure that the text in the PDF document is real text, as opposed to an image that looks like text. The PDF converter that Déjà Vu uses to help it import PDF documents is not able to convert text inside images into real text, so any such text will be ignored by Déjà Vu. If you have a document that consists only of images (e.g. a scan of a printed document) Déjà Vu will not be able to extract any text at all.

To translate a PDF file of this kind, you have the following options:

  • Attempt to obtain a digital copy of the original document that the PDF was created from, and translate that in Déjà Vu. Though this is not always easy to do, it will produce the best results.
  • Use a separate application to convert the PDF file to a format that Déjà Vu supports, and ensure that this converter is capable of performing Optical Character Recognition.
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