Change the filter properties for a file

To change the filter properties for a file in Déjà Vu, or to change the filter being used:

  1. Locate the file you want to change the properties for in the Project Explorer, right-click on it and select properties:
  2. This will make the Properties window appear, showing the filter properties for that file. If you select a different file in the Project Explorer now, the Properties window will show the properties for that file:
  3. You can now view and, where possible, modify the filter properties applied to the selected document.
  4. To change the filter being used to import and export a particular file, click on the Filter entry in the properties for that file, then click on the little downward pointing arrow at the far right of the entry, and a list of available filters will appear. Select the one you wish to use:
  5. To apply the new settings, import the document again.

Bear in mind that most filters can only be used successfully with one or with a few file types, so changing the filter being used to import or export a file will not always yield a desirable result.

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