Locking Segments

It is possible to lock rows in the project so that you cannot accidentally change their target text.

To lock a group of segments

  1. Select the segments you want to lock. For information on how to select rows, read this article.
  2. Right-click the selection and, in the popup that appears, click Segment Status>Locked (),
    Press the key combination Ctrl+Shift+K.

To unlock a group of segments

  1. Select the segment(s) you want to unlock.
  2. Right-click the selection and remove the checkmark from Segment Status>Locked () by clicking on it.
    Press the key combination Ctrl+Shift+K.

Target text in locked rows is protected against any modification.

When to use Locked Segments

This feature should be used by project coordinators who need to lock target text before letting the translators begin to work with the project.

This feature can also be very helpful if you want to exclude a certain subset of rows for your view. You can lock these rows and then select All Except Locked Segments in the Segment Selector.

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