Can I import Publisher files into a Déjà vu project?

The settings shown here are the ones necessary to produce files that Déjà Vu X3 can process. The other settings may be useful for other purposes; you are free to experiment with them.

Déjà Vu does not have a filter that can process documents produced by Microsoft Publisher. The only way to import these files is to use an intermediate format.


One of the best ways to process Publisher files with Déjà Vu X3 is to use the Pub2xml utility. This is a free utility that extracts translatable text from Publisher files and stores it in XML files. These XML files can be imported into a Déjà Vu X3 project. The utility is also able to take translated XML files and insert the translated text into the original Publisher file, to produce a translated document.

You must have a copy of Microsoft Publisher installed to be able to use Pub2xml! Though Pub2xml is free, it works with Microsoft Publisher, and cannot do much by itself.

How to download Pub2xml

Pub2xml can be downloaded from this page.

To download the file, click on Download.

The download file can be unpacked and used; Pub2xml does not require installation.

The XML Filter Definition File

Déjà Vu X3's XML filter requires the use of a filter definition file tailored to the specific kind of XML files being imported. We have a filter definition file that can be used to import XML files created by Pub2xml; it can be downloaded from here.

To understand how XML Filter Definition Files are used, you can read this article.

How to use pub2xml

Once the Pub2xml utility has been downloaded, you can use it to process any Microsoft Publisher documents you need to translate.

  1. Run the Pub2xml application by double-clicking on the file pub2xml.ui.exe.
  2. Make sure you have the “Export” tab selected:
  3. Click Settings.
  4. In the export tab, make sure you have the following configurationnote:
  5. Click OK.
  6. Drag the Publisher files you want to convert to the Pub2xml window and drop them into Pub2xml:
  7. Click Export.
  8. Wait for the export process to finish; it will take a few minutes.
  9. When Pub2xml finishes, you will find that it has created several XML files in the same folder the original PUB files were in. Import those files into a Déjà Vu X3 project, using the filter definition file linked to in the previous section.
  10. Once you have imported the XML files, you can translate the project as you would do with any other project. Once the project is translated, export the translated XML files.
  11. Copy the original PUB files to the folder where Déjà Vu X3 exported the translated files. Typically, this will be a folder named after the target language you set for the project, e.g., "en-us" for a project with US English as the target language.
  12. Go back to Pub2xml.
  13. Select the Import tab:
  14. Click Settings.
  15. Make sure you use these settingsnote:
  16. Click OK.
  17. Drag the translated XML files to the Pub2xml window and drop them there:
  18. Click Import.
  19. Wait for Pub2xml to finish.
  20. When it finishes, it will have created new PUB files that contain the translated text.

    Pub2xml will create new Publisher files with the translated text and will save the original ones by appending ".bak" to their names:

Finalizing the translation

The .pub files created by Pub2xml after following the instructions above are the final translated documents; you can delete the other files in the folder or keep them for future reference.

However, it is recommended that you open the .pub files that Pub2xml creates in Publisher and check them. Pub2xml cannot guarantee that the layout of the translated text will be correct, and thus some post-processing work maybe required.


Another intermediate format that you can convert Publisher files to, that is popular among users of Déjà Vu X3 who need to work with Publisher, is HTML. You can export your publisher files to HTML format, translate them with Déjà Vu X3, and then import the translated HTML into Publisher. This may require some post-processing work in Publisher.

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