Problem with special characters in XML files

This happens because the XML filter you are using to export the file is configured to export some special characters as entities. Entities are special words used to represent characters or symbols, useful when you want to produce a file that can used by software that does not support these special characters.

Occasionally, however, the presence of entities in an exported document will hinder, rather than help. In those cases, Déjà Vu can be made to export the special characters directly, in 2 ways.

Modifying the XML filter

The best way to get Déjà Vu to stop encoding special characters as entities is to modify the XML filter being so that it will not do so. You can specify whether you want Déjà Vu to encode all special characters as entities, none, or just some types of characters. To change this:

  1. Open the filter in Déjà Vu
  2. When the filter is open, select the tab labelled Entities and Characters.
  3. You will see 2 boxes in the main view:
    1. The box labelled Entity Groups, which shows special characters in groups according to their type and origin.
    2. The box labelled Entities, which, for any group selected in the other box, shows all the special characters belonging to that group.
  4. Characters or groups of characters that are checked will be encoded as entities. You must uncheck all the special characters that you do not want to encode as entities, or, if necessary, uncheck every group.
  5. With this modified filter, Déjà Vu will export special characters directly.
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