What is the maximum size of a Project?

What is the maximum size?

The maximum size of a Project file in Déjà Vu is determined by the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, which is what Déjà Vu uses to handle its databases. The maximum size of a Jet Database file is 2 Gigabytes.

In Déjà Vu, a Project will be comprised of a single file with the file extension .dvprj. This file is a single Jet Database, so the 2-gigabyte limit applies to it.

What happens when the maximum size is reached?

When a Jet Database file reaches its maximum size, the Jet Engine may not be able to operate on it. What this means when you are using Déjà Vu is that basic database operations that always work will start to fail randomly and unpredictably and will therefore make using Déjà Vu impossible.

You should therefore watch the size of your Project file so that you will not be caught unawares when this happens. If you want to import several files into a single project, but before the import process is completed the project file reaches the maximum size, you should not attempt to continue; it will be better to create two or more separate projects and import half the files into one and half into the other.

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