Filter segments on selection

This feature is also extremely valuable for editing work because it allows the editor to quickly view the translation of a certain word or phrase in all occurrences within the project.

Selecting segments by filtering

You can display only those rows that contain a certain word or phrase, either in source or in target. This will allow you to concentrate on a subset of your project if, for example, you are having a problem with that word or phrase.note

To filter the project on a word or phrase

  1. Select the desired text in the source and/or target cell.
  2. Right-click the selection and select Filter>Filter by Source Selection or Filter>Filter by Target Selection.


    Press Ctrl+Alt+S for Filter by Source Selection.


    Press Ctrl-Alt+T for Filter by Target Selection.
  3. Only rows that contain that word or phrase will be displayed.

To clear the filter

Right-click the source box or the target box and click Filter>Remove Filter or press Ctrl+Alt+R (or Ctrl+Alt+U). The highlight on the Source Selection or Target Selection option will disappear and all rows will be displayed again.

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