Sometimes, upon starting Déjà Vu, you get an error message like this:

Number: -2147024891
Error: Access is denied.
Module: DownloadUpdateWindow
Procedure: UpdateAvailable
Line: 310


Technical Details:
DejaVuX3.DownloadUpdateWindow.UpdateAvailable Line: 310
-2147024891: Access is denied.

There is one know cause of this error message:

Déjà Vu X3 is unable to connect to the update server

When DVX3 starts up, by default, it attempts to connect to Atril's servers to check if there is an update available. In older versions of DVX3, if establishing a connection was not possible for any reason, the error message shown above would appear.

This was considered a bug, and it is now fixed. The latest version of DVX3 will not show this error message if it unable to connect to Atril's server to check for an update. It will log this error in the log file, and then continue.

Therefore, the recommended solution to this problem is to install the latest update for DVX3. The installer for DVX3 can be downloaded from our website.

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