What do different permission levels for user roles in TEAMserver mean?

What follows is some information about how the General Permission level in TEAMserver works, and how it determines what users have access to and what they do not.

How the Permission level works

  • The highest permission level is 1. The higher the number of the General Permission level, the less access the user will have to TEAMserver's features. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it makes it easier to configure many different User Roles with restricted access, which can be useful in many situations.
  • Permission levels are assigned through User Roles. You can have different levels for different languages, but when determining what you can access, only the default permission level (the non-language one) is taken into account.
  • The General Permission level, and the language-specific permission levels, also determine whether a user can overwrite entries in the Translation Memory and the Termbase. For example, a user with a permission level of 20 can overwrite segments added to the Translation Memory by a user with a permission level of 21, but not the other way around.
  • Any user role with a permission level of 1 is considered to be in an Administrator role, so any users that have that role assigned are Admins and have access to all the TEAMserver's features and can modify all the settings.
  • By default, normal users (those with the Users role) have a permission level of 50.
  • A permission level of 20 makes the user a Power User. Power Users have access to all features of TEAMserver but are not able to change all settings.
  • Although permission levels are generally between 1 and 50, we also allow the special value -1, which indicates that the user is read-only (they can’t write to the Translation Memory or the Termbase or anything else).

How the Permission levels affect the Admin website

The General Permission level affects what a user can do when they login to the TEAMserver's Admin website:

  • To access the Users and User Roles pages, you need to have the Administrators role (with that specific name, not just any role with a permission level of 1)
  • Roles with a permission level between 1 and 20 (and Administrator or Power User) can view the Translation Memory, Termbase, Floating Licenses and Projects pages.
  • Read-only users can view the Translation Memory and the Termbase pages, but not the other pages.
  • Users with a level higher than 20 can log onto the Admin website, but they cannot make any changes. They cannot modify any settings, or make changes to the Translation Memory or the Termbase in TEAMserver, with one exception:
    • Users with a level higher than 20, but with an assigned role that is configured to allow access to the Project page, will be able to see the Projects page.
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