Apply custom filter to Translation Memory

This will check that the statement you have typed follows the rules of the SQL language, but it will not check that the statement does what you want it to do!

When you have a Translation Memory open in Déjà Vu X3, you will have several methods to locate or filter specific segments from the Translation Memory:

The filters

  • Locate Segment: this field allows you to enter the first few letters of the first word in the source segment you are searching for to have Déjà Vu X3 jump to a matching entry. To use this feature:
  • Filter: allows you to enter any full word (partial word or wildcard searches are not possible). By clicking the Filter button to the right of the text box, the translation memory displays all records where the source contains that word. To use this feature:
  • Duplicates Only: displays all source rows that are duplicated in the Translation Memory. To use this feature:
  • SQL: this option opens the SQL Filter dialog in which you can enter any SQL statement to view a certain subset of the translation memory. To use this feature:
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