Add new extension to list of recognized extensions

Déjà Vu has a list of file extensions that it recognizes. This is what allows Déjà Vu to assign the correct filters to the files you add to a project.

Déjà Vu also allows you to add new entries to the list of recognized extensions. This is particularly useful if you translate files in an XML-based format and you want Déjà Vu to recognize these files and assign the correct filter and filter definition file to them.

To add a new entry:

  1. Access the menu option File>Options.
  2. Select the Filters tab. You will see the list of recognized extensions:
  3. At the bottom of the window, there is a textbox that shows you the extension for the entry that is currently selected (highlighted below). You can place the cursor in that textbox and type:
  4. When you type a new extension (we are using "dita" in this example), the button that was previously labelled Replace will change to Add.
  5. You can then change the filter that will be used to import files that match the extension you entered, and once you have selected a filter, you can change the default filter options that will be used to import those files:
  6. A dialog called Default Filter Options appears. Here you can configure the filter that will be used:
  7. Once you have finished configuring the filter, you must click on Add to add the entry you have just created to the list of recognized extensions:
  8. Once the entry has been added, you can find it at the bottom of the list. You can check that it was added and that it is configured correctly:
  9. Click OK to finish.
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