How to activate a Machine Translation engine for a translation project

The order in which they are listed corresponds to the order of their use. You can change that by using the green up and down arrows to the right of the list.
You can select all languages, to add the same Machine Translation engine to all target languages in the project. Be aware that doing this will overwrite all the individual settings fro each target language.
  1. You can select the machine translation engines for a project in the Create a New Project wizard while you create a project,
    You can select machine translation engines after the creation of a project by clicking on Properties in the Project section of the ribbon:

    and then selecting the Machine Translation tab.
  2. Select the Target Language that you wish to add a Machine Translation engine for.note
  3. Click Add. You will be shown a list of all the available Machine Translation engines to select from:
  4. Click on the name of the Machine Translation engine you want to add. A dialog window will appear where you can enter the credentials Déjà Vu X3 needs to use the engine.
  5. Click OK when you are done. The engine will be added to the project.
  6. Select as many of the desired Machine Translation engines as you would like and enter the necessary credentials for each (you will only have to do this once, unless you need to change the credentials).
  7. All the selected Machine Translation engines are listed in the Properties dialog.note
  8. Click OK or Apply, to confirm the changes made to the project.
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