Déjà Vu TEAMserver™ is a robust, scalable Translation Memory (TM) and Termbase (TB) storage server for Déjà Vu's Workgroup Edition. Built using Microsoft SQL Server and .NET Framework web service technologies, it allows translation project managers and translators in different geographical locations to share TMs and TBs in real-time, over a local network, VPN or the Internet.

This Installation Guide explains how to configure the necessary prerequisites before installing TEAMserver, and how to install and configure TEAMserver itself. For instructions on how to use the software, please consult the User Guide.

Planning a TEAMserver deployment

Before you use the installation guide for TEAMserver, you should identify the deployment scenario that most closely matches your needs.

TEAMserver requires an installation of Microsoft SQL Server for data storage purposes. Depending on the number of users who will be connecting to the TEAMserver, you can choose between a single-server deployment, where TEAMserver and SQL Server are installed on the same server, and a dual-server deployment, where TEAMserver and SQL Server are installed on separate servers. For further guidance, please consult the Hardware Recommendations section.

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