The Segment Selector

This dropdown box also provides an instant overview of the meaning of each of the colors displayed in the status indicator bar in each segment.
Another helpful way of instantly reviewing the status of a certain segment is to place your mouse cursor over the indicator bar section. A tooltip-like window will appear in which you can review the status information of the current segment, the user who last modified it, the date and timestamp of the last modification, as well as various other bits of information.
Usually, fuzzy matches are not displayed with a solid light green bar, but with a split green/grey bar that indicates the percentage of fuzziness.


You can choose to filter and display only certain kinds of rows, e.g., exact matches, fuzzy matches, pending rows, etc. You can see that each status is associated with a colored status indicator bar that matches the color indicator in the translated cells.

The available status filters are:

  • All Segments
  • All Unpainted Segments (default grey indicator bar)
  • All Except Locked Segments
  • All Empty Segments
  • All Unconfirmed Segments
  • Multiple Exact Match Segments (indicator: blue, underlined font)
  • Exact Match Segments (default dark green indicator bar)
  • Fuzzy Match Segments (default light green indicator bar)note
  • Guaranteed Exact Match Segments (default orange indicator bar)
  • Assembled Segments (default dark blue indicator bar)
  • Machine Translated Segments (default brown indicator bar)
  • Repaired Fuzzy Match Segments
  • Fuzzy Propagated Segments (default gold indicator bar)
  • Exact Propagated Segments (default light blue indicator bar)
  • Finished Segments (These include Translated, Proofread and Approved segments)
  • Confirmed Segments
  • Pending Segments
  • Locked Segments (indicator symbol: golden lock for manual lock and ribbon for a guaranteed match lock)
  • Segments with Comments (indicator symbol: blue or, if combined with marker for inconsistent terminology: violet )
  • Segments with Comments in Source (indicator symbol: blue )
  • Segments with Comments in Target (indicator symbol: blue or, if combined with marker for inconsistent terminology: violet )
  • Segments with Inconsistent Terminology (indicator symbol: red or, if combined with comments: violet )
  • Segments with QA warnings (indicator symbol: red )
  • Wrong Codes Segments (indicator symbol: )
  • Duplicate Segments (default indicator: grey vertical bar to the left of source)
  • SQL Statement (opens the Select SQL dialog)
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