When I try to open a project I get this error message:

Error 3078
The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query ‘************’. Make sure it exists and its name is spelled correctly

This error message happens because one of the tables inside a Microsoft Jet Database file that Déjà Vu is trying to read is missing, or is otherwise not readable. What to do about this depends on just what kind of file Déjà Vu is having this problem with.

Projects, Translation Memories or Termbases

Usually, you can tell if this error is happening when Déjá Vu is trying to read a project, a translation memory or a termbase because it happens when you first try to use one of these resources. For example, if you see this error message right after attempting to open a project, it is almost certain that it is the project in question that has a problem that causes Déjà Vu to give you this error message.

The easiest solution to this problem is to repair the project, repair the translation memory, or repair the termbase. This operation will reconstruct the missing or unreadable table and allow Déjà Vu to open the file.

Settings File

This error message can also appear if Déjà Vu is trying to read information from the settings file, and the settings file has a problem. In this case, if you read the extra information included in the error message, you will find that it says something like this:

Technical details: Engine.Settings.***** Line: 18015
3078: The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query '*****'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly.

If you determine that Déjà Vu is unable to read one of the tables from the settings file, you can replace the settings file with a backup copy that does not have this problem. If no such backup is available, you can delete the settings file. If Déjà Vu cannot find a settings file when it starts up, it will create a new one with default settings.

If the problem persists

If the solutions described above do not work, there may be a problem with the Jet Database Engine (the component that Déjà Vu uses to handle its databases) that causes the files Déjà Vu works with to consistently become corrupted. If that is the case, you should repair the installation of the Jet Engine.

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