What operating systems does Déjà Vu support

Microsoft Windows:

The following table summarizes the operating systems supported by different versions of Déjà Vu:

  Déjà Vu X Déjà Vu X2 Déjà Vu X3
Windows XP 32-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 8 32-bit X ?
64-bit X ?
Windows 8.1 32-bit X ?
64-bit X ?
Windows 10 32-bit X ?
64-bit X ?
Windows 11 64-bit X ?

Apple Mac:

Déjà Vu X3, Déjà Vu X2 and Déjà Vu X can be used in a Mac with an Intel CPU, as long as they run under Windows. More information is available here.

Newer Macs with the newer ARM-based processors (such as the M1) will not be able to run DVX3, even if you use a Virtual Machine application to run them in Windows.

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