Lost or broken dongle

If you have already created a ticket, you don't need to create a new ticket; just add this information to the ticket.

To obtain a replacement for a lost or broken dongle create a new ticket in the Helpdesknote specifying the following information:

  • Whether the dongle is for Déjà Vu X or Déjà Vu X2.
  • The type of license you are using (Standard, Professional or Workgroup)
  • Your serial number (if you are using Déjà Vu X): you will find it by accessing the menu option Help>Evaluation Code
  • The number written on your dongle

If you have the dongle, send it to ATRIL at the following address:

Lorenzo Benito
Atril Language Engineering SL
Calle Monte Cervino 5
28290 Las Rozas, Madrid

If the dongle is still covered by the 5 year warranty it will be replaced free of charge.  Otherwise, you will have to purchase a replacement.

While you wait for the replacement to arrive, you will be given a temporary activation code so that you can continue working.

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