How to merge 2 TBs into one

Combining two Translation Memories is easy, but, due to the complexity of a Termbase's internal structure, it is not possible to combine two Termbases, or to import one into another, directly.

It is necessary to convert one of the Termbases to an intermediate format that can then be imported into the other Termbase.

To illustrate this process, we will show an example in which we convert one of the Termbases we wish to merge to an Excel spreadsheet, but any of the Termbase formats supported by Déjà Vu can be used for this:

  1. Open one of the Termbase you wish to combine, which we will call TB1.
  2. Export it to CSV format.
  3. Open the second Termbase, which we will call TB2.
  4. Import TB1 into TB2.

After this, the entries that existed in TB1 will be added to TB2. However, again due to the complexity of the internal structure of a Termbase, it is not always possible to preserve all the information contained in a Termbase when you export to Excel format (in particular, some information about relationships between terms may be lost), so take this into account.

For simple Termbases, though, this method will preserve all the information.

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