Diagnose problems with the COM+ Server

What is the problem?

If the COM+ Server that you use to share Translation Memories and Termbases over a local area network is not working correctly, you may notice some of the following:

  • Déjà Vu gives you an error message when you try to open a shared database
  • Déjà allows you to open and use shared databases, but the performance is poor
  • You often find that your shared databases become unstable or corrupted, and need to be repaired.

The above could all be symptoms of a COM+ Server being incorrectly configured, or non-functional.

What do I do?

You should ensure that the COM+ Server is installed, and that both the server computer itself and the client computers (the ones that will run Déjà Vu) are configured correctly. The COM+ Server Installation Guide explains how to do all this.

If, after having done all this, you find that you are still unable to use the COM+ Server, you can use a diagnostic we have made available. This tool will attempt to open a shared Translation Memory or Termbase on your server, exact the exact same procedures used by Déjà Vu itself. However, unlike Déjà Vu, the diagnostic tool will report on the success or failure of every single one of those operations, and thus allows you to pinpoint the cause of the failure.

The use the diagnostic tool:

  1. Download the diagnostic tool.
  2. Unzip the contents of the ZIP file to a temporary location, on one of the computers with Déjà Vu that has trouble connecting to the COM+ Server.
  3. Open the folder that corresponds to the version of Déjà Vu you are using, X2 or X3.
  4. Run the ComPlusDiagnostics.exe application.
  5. Click on the “…” button to select a TM on a shared drive on the server.
  6. Click on Connect.
  7. If it’s the first time the tool is run, you may be prompted to allow incoming network traffic to this application by the Windows firewall. If so, allow the traffic through (this will create a firewall exception), and click on Connect again.
  8. Click Copy to copy the results to the clipboard.

Using the results of the diagnostic

The diagnostic tool will report on the success or failure of every step involved in accessing a shared database. If something fails, it will let you know what the failure was and give a recommendation on what to do. It may, for example, ask you to check that the firewalls on the server or the client computer are configured not to block information exchanged between the COM+ Server and Déjà Vu, or it may tell you that the client computer's COM Security is not configured correctly. You can check the Installation Guide to find out how to configure these things.

If you have received an error report from the diagnostic tool but you are not sure what to do about it, contact Atril Support and let us know what the diagnostic reported.

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