How to make a screenshot

A screenshot is an image file that contains an image of the screen of the computer it was made on, at the time it was made. You can make a screenshot on your computer to show other people what is being shown on your screen. This is useful if you need to explain what a particular program you are using is doing and have trouble doing so with words.

To make a screenshot:

  1. Open the window you wish to make a screenshot of, and make sure it is selected.
  2. Press the key Alt and, at the same time, the key called Print screen, sometimes called Prt. Scr. or other such names.
  3. Open Windows Paint (Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint), or any Image Editing Software you like to use.
  4. Press Ctrl+V; this will paste the image into Windows Paint.
  5. Access the menu option File>Save As.
  6. Type a filename for the image, and in the Save as Type combo box, select PNG.

You will now have a highly compressed image file that can be sent by e-mail easily.

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