Déjà Vu cannot use the Office Spellchecker

What are the symptoms

If your copy of Déjà Vu is configured to use the Office Spell-checker (also know as Office Proofing Tools) for all spell-checking tasks on the current target language, but the Office Spell-checker is not functional or it cannot be accessed, you may notice the following things:

  • Spell-checking does not work at all. You may notice that the in-line spell-checking does not highlight misspelled words.
  • You receive error messages from Déjà Vu when you try to use the in-line spell-checker or the stand-alone spell checker, e.g.:
    Number: -2147418107.
    Error: Automation error.
    Module: mSpelling
    Procedure: EnsureWordIsOpen

What to do about it

There are several possible solutions to this situation:

Switch to Déjà Vu's built-in spell-checker

This will not fix the issue with the Office Spell-checker, but it will circumvent it, since this will not require the use of the Office Spell-checker at all. You can find out how to do this here.

Reload the Office Proofing tools

You can force Déjà Vu to re-establish a connection to Office's Spell-checker from scratch. This is useful if the Office Spell-checker is working correctly, but Déjà Vu is not accessing it correctly. This can be necessary if the connection between Déjà Vu and Office's Spell-checker is disrupted by an update to either application, for example. This article also explains how to reload the Office Proofing Tools.

Fix the Office Proofing tools

If Office's Spell-checker has a problem, you will need to repair it. The easiest way to do this is to run the installer for your copy of Office (usually, this will be the DVD or CD-ROM you received when you purchased Office) and, when given the option to do so, ask it to repair the whole installation of Office. This repair will include the Proofing Tools. Click here for more information.

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