When I try to export a Termbase to Excel format, I get this error message, and the export doesn't finish, or it finishes but little or no data was exported:

Error 3062
Duplicate output alias '*****'.

This error message can appear if, in the Specify Fields page of the Termbase Export Wizard you configured one or more of the fields to have the same name. An example of this is shown in this screenshot:

In the screenshot shown above, you can see that the Subject and the Client are both being exported to the target Excel Spreadsheet, but their columns are begin given the same name, Field 2. If the export is started with this configuration, and Error 3062 warning will be issued by Déjà Vu, and the export will fail.

To avoid this, make sure that every field that you export has it's own unique name. Check that the Export As property of each field you define is different from the others.

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