How to add a new attribute to a Termbase

  1. Open the Termbase you want to add an attribute to in Déjà Vu.
  2. Access the Home section of the ribbon, and click on Properties.
  3. When the Termbase Properties dialog appears, select the Attributes tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. A new attribute will be created, ready for you to configure. To do this, click on the attribute in the list of Attributes, and the attribute's information will appear.
  6. Click on whatever field you want to edit to change it:
  7. The Name and Caption fields you can type text into. The Type field is a list that you can choose from.
  8. The different types that are available are:
    • Number: This means that the attribute will hold a number.
    • Text: This means that the attribute will hold text. You can use this to add notes or definitions to terms in a Termbase.
    • Yes/No: This is what is called a Boolean value. You can use this to create an attribute which can only have yes/no, or true/false, values.
    • Category: this allows you to specify if the term belongs to a category. You can see what categories are available, and add or remove them, by selecting the Categories tab.
    • Date: this allows you to add a date to a term.
  9. Once you have configured the available fields of the new attribute you have created, click OK to accept the changes and add the attribute to the Termbase.
  10. Once the new attribute has been created you can edit any individual term in the Termbase by selecting the term and clicking Edit.
  11. The Edit Term dialog will appear, showing all the Attributes available for the term, and here you can edit the attributes for the term.
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