Word Addins stops CodeZapper from running to completion

Some Addins for Microsoft Word prevent Déjà Vu's CodeZapper macro from running to completion. These Addins cause Microsoft Word to create a Save File dialog window whenever the CodeZapper macro runs, and CodeZapper cannot continue until this dialog window is closed. However, even though closing this window will allow CodeZapper to finish running, it will not guarantee that CodeZapper will do its job of reducing the number of tags generated during the import process.

There are two solutions to this issue:

  • Stop using the Run CodeZapper option during the import process.
  • Disable the Addin. If you have several Addins installed, you may need to disable them, one by one, and attempt importing a document into a Déjà Vu project each time, until you find the Addin that causes the issue.
    These are a few Addins that are known to be incompatible with Déjà Vu's CodeZapper:
    • abDocs Word Addin
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